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Marnie shares her heart through volunteering

Seniors Directory

Want to know what services are available for seniors in Guelph and Wellington County? Try the Search for Services tab.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Whether it's helping out at an event, serving on a board of directors or tutoring in  a classroom. Find the right position for you by visiting our Volunteer Opportunities page by clicking here.
John volunteers at Guelph Museums giving tours, working with people and doing curotorial work

Share Your Story!

Do you have a story about volunteering that you would like to share?  Visit the Share Your Story page by clicking above or on this link.
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Inspirational Volunteer Quotes

I would rather have it said, ‘He lived usefully,’ than, ‘He died rich. –  Benjamin Franklin

volunteer centre

“You’re not doing something because you have to do it. You’re doing it because you want to do it.”

“Everything you can do to connect people to people enhances the community.”