Betty’s Best – Belwood Lake Osprey Cam

10 Jun

Between April and September, something very interesting is happening near the entrance to Belwood Lake Park, which is managed by The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA). The GRAC manages water and other resources in the water shed of the Grand River.  The Belwood Lake ‘Osprey Webcam’ is now live.  With this live video stream, you can watch osprey eggs hatch and the ospreys raise their young. The adult birds returned to this nest in early April and eggs have since been hatched. Last year, 19,000 viewers spent a total of 3.7 million minutes tuned in to the Osprey Webcam, with up to 150 people watching at a time!

The camera operates 24/7, although the broadcast signal may be disrupted at times due to technical difficulties.  The GRCA does warn that this look into nature is not always easy to watch, as the birds may face danger from harsh weather, predators, food shortage, disease, pollution and the challenges of learning to fly. It is hoped that the webcam will encourage people to become involved in the natural world whether it is hiking, camping or bird watching.

Tune in by clicking the video below, or click the link for more information:


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