Question: Does financial support exist for caregivers?

Yes, some financial assistance in the form of tax cuts and employment benefits exist. For instance, tax credits may be available to the ‘supporting person’ under the Disability Tax Credit and the Medical Expense Tax Credit. To be a ‘supporting person’ you need to be maintain the dependents’ dwelling.

For information about tax credit programs for caregivers:

There are also different departments of the Ontario government that will offer you employment benefits if you apply for them.

The Employment Standards Information Centre offers benefits such as the Personal Emergency Leave and the Family Medical Leave. The Personal Emergency Leave allows you to take up to ten (10) business days per calendar year away from work, in workplaces of over 50 employees due to illness, injury, or to provide care for certain relatives or family members who are dependent on you for care and assistance. The Family Medical Leave allows employees to take up to eight (8) weeks of unpaid leave to care for certain family members and insures job protection during that time. For more information, you can contact the Centre at: 1-800-531-5551 or visit the following websites:

Family Medical Leave:

Personal Emergency Leave:

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