Question: I have a friend about to turn 80 who recently received a letter stating they had 90 days to get their license renewed. What does this mean and where can I get more information?

The Government of Ontario has legislated that starting at the age of 80, everyone must get their driver’s license renewed every 2 years. This is called the Senior Driver Renewal Program. This should include a vision test, a group education session, an in-class screening exercise and a driving record review. It is also possible that you will be asked to take a road test as well, although this is not standard for every evaluation. You can do the evaluation all in one day and it should take approximately 90 minutes.

The Government of Ontario has dedicated a section of their website to the Senior Driver Renewal Program. For more information on the Program, click on the following link:

The Ministry of Transportation from the Government of Ontario is in charge of Driver’s Evaluations and Assessments. To look at a link with more information specific to Driver’s assessments, click here:

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