Question: I have concerns about myself or someone that I care about because of some mental health changes that I have noticed. Where can I go for help?

Mental health can be defined as the capacity of a person to feel, think, and act in a way that allows them to feel they are enjoying life, and that they can deal with the challenges they are facing. Mental health problems can be extremely varied- from delirium to dementia to depression, etc. There are a variety of places that can offer you and/or your loved ones the necessary support.

There are  a number of services available in Guelph and Wellington County. These include peer telephone support, drop-in counseling services, and day programs. Search the Topic: Seniors at Risk in the Directory of Services.

Directory of Services


The Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health (CCSMH) works to promote the mental health of seniors by connecting people, ideas, and resources. They have created a set of national guidelines on seniors’ mental health based on current research. They can provide you with more information and resources. You can contact them at: 416-785-2500. You can also check out their website at:

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