Question: My doctor has recommended I go for a Driver’s Assessment. How can I get more information on what I do next?

A driver’s assessment or evaluation may be recommended by your doctor if they see any medical reason (injury, cognitive impairment, trauma or otherwise) that could potentially impair your ability to drive.

Once this referral has been given, you must go and get a driver’s assessment completed if you want to continue driving. There are two main parts to the assessment:

1) The in-clinic portion which includes a brief medical history, a physical assessment, a visual assessment, and a cognitive and perceptual assessment.

2) An in-car portion that includes basic driving maneuvers.

You will need to contact a Functional Assessment Centre (FAC) approved by the Ministry of Transportation to make an appointment. They will explain the process over the phone and may ask you to bring some documents with you to your appointment.

For information about a driver’s functional assessment centre near you:

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